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Welcome to Larson Mental Health – your comprehensive health care partner for all your mental health concerns, issues, and needs. We’ve assembled a diverse and talented team of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners in Colorado to provide psychiatric diagnosis, treatment, and medication management services to all those suffering from and/or affected by mental health conditions and issues. Whether you’re seeking outpatient care for a 6-year-old, a 101-year-old, or somewhere in between, we can provide the mental health care plans that you need.

We proudly offer ongoing care services for long-term symptom relief to support individuals across the state. With our Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Highlands Ranch, and Colorado Springs, you’ve always got a trusted and reliable partner for mental health within reach.

Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners in Colorado

The Story of Our Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners in Colorado

Our founder and owner, Erik Larson, entered the healthcare industry in 2005 and throughout his career, he has treated patients in the Army, community health institutions, and public hospitals. Time and time again at these organizations, Erik consistently felt constrained and limited in how he was able to treat patients. Within these roles, he could only conduct evaluations that lasted 30-45 minutes and he was unable to spend as much time with patients as he wanted to. In addition, many employers wanted Erik to emphasize specific diagnoses and medications.

Simply put, Erik did not feel comfortable with these practices and wanted to provide patients with the treatments they deserved and needed. Inspired to change the dynamics of mental healthcare for the better, Erik went off his own and founded Larson Mental Health in 2018. At this practice, our sole focus is our patient’s well-being, and we never push certain diagnoses or prescription medications. Thanks to our 90-minute evaluations, we have ample time to get all the necessary information from our patients to make well-informed decisions regarding their diagnoses. This allows us to provide higher-quality care and treatments, so we aren’t stuck in a loop of ineffective symptom treatments.

Why Trust Larson Mental Health?

Longer Evaluations for Accurate Diagnoses – When you visit other psychiatric professionals, most appointments only last for 30-45 minutes. At Larson, we offer 90-minute evaluations to provide a more accurate diagnosis and determine the most appropriate treatment plan.

  • Great Command of Psychopharmacology – We have extensive knowledge of how all prescription medications affect brain chemistry, which allows us to develop highly effective medication plans for specific mental health outcomes.
  • Committed to Inclusivity & Safety – No matter your experiences, background, age range, sexual orientation, or walk of life, you can find the care you need at Larson. We provide treatment for anyone and everyone in a judgment-free environment.
  • In-Person and Telehealth Appointments – All new and existing patients can speak with our Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners in Colorado remotely or in our offices; whatever works best for you!
  • One-Stop-Shop for Mental Health Needs – We are qualified to properly diagnose individuals, create personalized treatment plans, prescribe medications, monitor progress, adjust prescriptions, and provide adjunct psychotherapy services.

Committed to Good for All – Beyond Mental Health

Our providers are always honest, transparent, and upfront with every patient, and we go above and beyond to ensure you’re getting the optimal outcomes for your mental health. While we will strive to improve your mental well-being, we are also committed to inspiring positive change across Colorado communities.

For instance, we are a proud sponsor of Art From Ashes – an incredible non-profit organization that is dedicated to empowering youth through creative expression and personal transformation. Through this initiative, we are helping struggling and marginalized youth populations in Colorado find their creative voices, discover happiness in everyday life, and improve their mental health through creative means.

In addition, Larson Mental Health is a proud sponsor of Envision: You – another great non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving mental health within the LGBTQ+ community. Our team has also participated in extensive training programs conducted by Envision: You to improve our mental health care services for folks within the LGBTQ+ community.

We are also proud to sponsor the Mile High Youth Theatre – a terrific Denver-based organization that helps youth thrive artistically, socially, and emotionally by enriching the lives of Denver youth through theatre. Through this sponsorship, Larson Mental Health is helping youth explore the performing arts, and through those theatre experiences, they will learn essential life skills like empathy, problem-solving, and a positive sense of self.

Art From Ashes Envision You Mile High Youth Theatre

Contact our Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Highlands Ranch, & Colorado Springs

Make your mental health a priority with our team at Larson Mental Health! We are committed to providing an inclusive and judgment-free environment where everyone searching for mental health care is valued, embraced, and supported. Our skilled Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners in Colorado will help you at every step of your mental health journey from diagnosis to treatment and ongoing support to help you live the life you’ve always wanted.

Are you ready to get the care you need in the format that serves you best? Contact Larson Mental Health to schedule your initial 90-minute consultation with one of our Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Highlands Ranch, or Colorado Springs, and we’ll create a tailored treatment plan for your unique mental health goals.