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A Safe, Welcoming, and Judgement-Free Environment

Transparent Psychiatric Care for LGBTQ+ Therapy in Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Highlands Ranch, & Colorado Springs

We all know that mental health is a complex topic, and this is especially true within the LGBTQ+ community. Members of this diverse community are constantly subjected to social stigmas, sexual orientation discrimination, homophobia, microaggressions, and more. All these negative influences can obviously be detrimental to one’s mental health, and treating members of this community is not always the same as treating cis-gendered individuals. At Larson Mental Health, our psychiatric professionals are proud supporters of LGBTQ+ mental health in Colorado. If you're looking for LGBTQ+-friendly therapy or psychiatry services, we can provide personalized psychiatric treatments for anyone in this vibrant community.

We promise to provide compassionate, reliable, and dedicated care to help you achieve your mental wellness goals. With offices across the state, we can support and improve mental health outcomes of LGBTQ+ therapy in Denver, Fort Collins, Highlands Ranch, Boulder, and Colorado Springs. No matter what your mental health concerns may be, we can deliver the tailored psychiatric care you need for long-term symptom relief.

Psychiatric LGBTQ mental health in Colorado

Specially Trained with Envision: You

Our Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNPs) at Larson Mental Health understand that the LGBTQ+ community deals with a wide range of unique challenges, struggles, and obstacles that aren’t as common in non-LGBTQ+ communities. This is because our staff has received specialized training from Envision: You – a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to improving mental health in the LGBTQ+ community. Larson is also a proud sponsor of this amazing non-profit.

Envision You, psychiatric care for LGBTQ mental health in Colorado

Through this organization, every staff member at Larson has received 15+ hours of training on providing sensitive and salient mental health care to LGBTQ+-identifying people. This education has provided our staff with an abundance of reliable resources, tools, and essential bits of knowledge that allow us to provide better treatments for our patients within the LGBTQ+ community. In addition, several of our Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners have extensive experience with many LGBTQ+ therapists in Colorado and we will leverage that knowledge to optimize your mental health. At Larson, you can rest assured knowing that our staff follows the best practices for your psychiatric treatment, and you’ll always be in the best of hands at Larson Mental Health.

From Diagnosis to Treatment and Beyond

Far too often, members of the LGBTQ+ community receive misdiagnoses on their mental health or are underdiagnosed because their providers do not recognize the unique experiences and differences of this community. That’s not the case at Larson Mental Health. Our psychiatric team is trained to always be honest, transparent, and client-focused, and we can be your one-stop-shop for psychiatric therapeutic treatments for LGBTQ+ mental health in Denver, Fort Collins, Highlands Ranch, Boulder, and Colorado Springs.

During a 90-minute in-person consultation, you’ll work through a series of questions and evaluations with one of our Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners. We’ll take the time to listen to your experiences, fully understand your personal history, dive deep into your family’s medical history, and identify the most concerning symptoms. In some cases, your PMHNP may recommend additional mental health assessments to evaluate specific areas of your mental wellness. From there, we can provide an accurate diagnosis of your conditions and create a detailed treatment plan for you.

Personalized Psychiatric Care for the LGBTQ+ Community

At Larson Mental Health, we believe there is never a “one-size-fits-all" approach to mental health. As such, we always tailor our psychiatric treatment plans to the individual and routinely refine and adjust the strategy at follow-up appointments to ensure optimal outcomes for our patients.

We specialize in mental health medication management services, and we can prescribe a range of medications to treat all kinds of mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. We may also integrate talk therapy into your treatment plan as a supplemental therapeutic intervention to help you work through issues that can’t be corrected with medication alone.

Our psychiatric specialists are highly skilled in developing treatment plans for folks across the LGBTQ+ community. Whether you are transitioning gender identities, battling depression, or struggling with thoughts of self-harm, our mental health providers can deliver the compassionate care and treatments that you need to improve your mental wellness.

Explore Psychiatric Treatments for LGBTQ+ Therapy in Colorado

At Larson Mental Health, you’ll find a skilled team of friendly, communicative, and honest psychiatric nurse practitioners who will support you at every step of your mental health journey. We value your truths, and we are here to listen to your experiences, understand your concerns, and develop customized strategies to improve your mental wellness. Whether you’re looking for supportive psychiatric services for LGBTQ+ mental health in Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Highlands Ranch, or Colorado Springs, you’ll always find a judgment-free and welcoming environment at all our offices in Colorado.

Contact our team of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners today to schedule your first appointment with our team and start exploring your psychiatric treatment options for LGBTQ+ therapy in Colorado.

Please note that we do not provide psychotherapy as its own service. We only provide talk therapy at Larson as an adjunct treatment alongside our medication management services.