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Find Symptom Relief via Medication Management and More

Nurture Better Mental Health for Yourself

At Larson Mental Health, we recognize that anxiety is so much more than just dealing with stress. An anxiety disorder can be a troubling and exhausting non-stop experience that holds you back from living your life the way you normally would. However, finding relief is possible with the help of our expert team of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNPs). Across our entire team, we share a robust understanding of the complexities and challenges of anxiety and can help you navigate the diagnosis process and provide the most appropriate psychiatric anxiety treatment in Colorado to help you live your life to the fullest, starting with personalized medication for anxiety.

Are you ready to find your path to improve mental wellness? We have multiple offices scattered throughout the state, so we can help you find the resources and tools you need for psychiatric anxiety treatments in Denver, Highlands Ranch, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs.

Psychiatric anxiety treatments in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Supportive Mental Health Care for Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders are a common mental health issue in the United States, affecting over 40 million adults. These disorders involve excessive and persistent feelings of worry, fear, and apprehension that can significantly interfere with daily life. Anxiety can manifest in many ways, but the most common anxiety conditions include generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. You may have an undiagnosed anxiety disorder if you experience symptoms like:

  • Restlessness
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Recurring muscle tension
  • Panic attacks

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you must seek out a professional diagnosis to get an effective psychiatric anxiety treatment in Colorado. Without an accurate determination of your anxiety concerns, it will be challenging to mitigate symptoms and anxiety triggers for long-term relief.

Start Your Psychiatric Anxiety Treatment in Colorado Right with a Proper Diagnosis

Diagnosing anxiety involves a thorough evaluation by a qualified mental health provider, like one of our Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNPs). This evaluation is an information-gathering process that takes a deep dive into your symptoms, medical history, and potential triggers through engaging conversations and assessment tools. This comprehensive evaluation helps your provider understand the severity of your symptoms, which then informs their diagnosis.

Because many anxiety disorders have overlapping symptoms and it’s easy to misdiagnose anxiety symptoms for other conditions, this process cannot be rushed as it will clarify which type of anxiety disorder is contributing to your symptoms. Anxiety disorders and their associated symptoms can vary drastically from one to the next, which makes a customized treatment approach and an accurate diagnosis crucial for determining the most suitable treatment options.

Mitigate Anxiety Symptoms with Dedicated Medication Management

At Larson Mental Health, we can assist in managing anxiety disorders by creating a personalized treatment plan for you that includes prescription medications for anxiety. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and anxiolytics are commonly prescribed for anxiety disorders because they have been shown to reduce symptoms and promote calmness. SSRIs increase serotonin levels in the brain, which are “feel good” neurotransmitters that quell anxiety and stress. Anxiolytics are used for short-term symptom relief and may not always be prescribed. In addition, benzodiazepines may be used for severe anxiety, but we limit these prescriptions due to substance-dependence risks.

Selecting the correct medication and the correct dosages for your psychiatric anxiety treatment in Colorado can be a challenging task. As Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners, we have decades of expertise in medication management and are familiar with all the pros and cons of different anti-anxiety medications. Leveraging our specialized experience and knowledge in medications for anxiety, we will carefully assess your specific needs and work together with you to identify the ideal medication that provides the greatest possible benefits while minimizing side effects.

After establishing a custom medication and treatment plan, ongoing management is important for your long-term success. We will schedule regular follow-up appointments with our psychiatric nurse practitioners to help assess your medications' effectiveness, monitor for side effects, and adjust your treatment plan as needed.

At Larson Mental Health, we don't just rely on medication to tackle your anxiety. We will arm you with educational insights on coping strategies, self-care techniques, and stress-busting tactics to help you take charge of your mental health. From therapy to lifestyle tweaks, we'll give you the tools you need to overcome your anxiety and boost your well-being.

Achieve Better Outcomes Through Supplemental Therapy

Medication for anxiety alone may not always be enough to treat anxiety symptoms; it is just one component of a comprehensive approach. Talk therapies, like cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT), are often essential for treating symptoms of anxiety disorders because they help you understand the reasons behind your anxiety, develop coping strategies, and challenge negative thoughts. We can provide light talk therapy services at our Boulder office in conjunction with our medication management plans, and we can provide some therapies via telehealth. If needed, our skilled staff can provide referrals for therapists in your area and collaborate with them to create a holistic treatment plan for your needs.

Please note that we only offer light talk therapy in conjunction with medication management; we do not offer talk therapy as a standalone service.

Start Your Psychiatric Anxiety Treatment in Denver, Fort Collins, Highlands Ranch, Boulder, or Colorado Springs

If you’re ready to find lasting relief from anxiety symptoms, working with a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner is a valuable step in managing your symptoms. When you partner with our team at Larson Mental Health, you’ll find that our staff are passionate about offering individualized care and effective treatment options to help alleviate the impact of anxiety within your daily life.

Reach out to us today to schedule your 90-minute in-depth mental health consultation. We can work together on a treatment plan that includes medication, therapy, and ongoing support. Our aim is to help you manage your anxiety and overcome the challenges that disorder can bring. Contact Larson Mental Health today and start your journey towards a calmer and more fulfilling life.