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Understanding emotions and our responses to them is not always easy, especially for younger generations and age ranges. The regulation of emotions and behaviors is a unique skill set that we all gradually develop over time, but these skills come more naturally to some. At Larson Mental Health, we can help you and/or your children overcome the hurdles and challenges associated with behavioral and emotional conditions through our personalized emotional and behavioral mental health services in Colorado.

Our Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNPs) are no strangers to the complexities of human emotions and behaviors. Many of our team members can be thought of as your trusted emotional and behavioral health therapists, and we are eager to lend a helping hand to your family. With offices across the state, we can help diagnose and treat behavioral and emotional conditions in Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Highlands Ranch, and Colorado Springs, so you can get the care you need when you need it.

Psychiatric treatments for behavioral and emotional conditions in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Your Partner for Understanding Emotional Conditions and Behavioral Disorders

When an adult or a child is experiencing emotional and/or behavioral issues, they often have difficulty processing, understanding, and responding appropriately to emotional triggers and related stimuli. They may feel as though their emotional reactions are outside the realm of their control and may struggle to learn how to gain better control over those behaviors. This is especially hard for children because they are still learning what all their emotions mean and don’t possess the emotional maturity to cope with various triggers.

There are many unique emotional conditions and behavioral disorders that can present in a variety of different ways. Most commonly, these conditions are characterized by symptoms like:

  • Emotional meltdowns or outbursts
  • Yelling, throwing things, or physical aggression
  • Difficulty following instructions and controlling emotions during activities
  • Difficulty managing transitional periods of the day
  • Struggling to establish limits and follow through

Treating Emotional & Behavioral Conditions in Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Highlands Ranch, & Colorado Springs

Are you looking for psychiatric emotional and behavioral health therapists and specialists? If so, you've come to the right place. At Larson Mental Health, we approach each patient's experience with empathy, compassion, and an open mind. Our Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners lean on our decades of experience to fully understand your mental health concerns, properly diagnose any conditions, and develop personalized psychiatric treatment plans.

During a 90-minute consultation, we’ll gather a wealth of information about your personal background, medical history, family history, and specific symptoms to properly diagnose your condition. This diagnosis will guide the formation of your treatment plan, which will be customized to your needs and will include medication management services, alongside supplemental therapies (as needed).

In adults, it’s more common to see emotional and behavioral conditions and issues develop as symptoms of a primary diagnosis. For instance, an individual could be diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and over time, they may develop social issues as a side effect of their disorder or treatments. This can be the case with youth patients too as emotional and behavioral issues can be symptoms of undiagnosed or untreated anxiety, ADHD, cognitive processing issues, and other conditions.

A Trusted Resource for Emotional & Behavioral Mental Health Services in Colorado

We have a long track record of establishing trust and building positive patient-provider relationships. This is because our providers are carefully trained to be empathetic, compassionate, and patient-oriented at every turn. Whether we’re working with youth or adults, we take the time to listen to your experiences and fully understand your unique circumstances so we can develop a well-rounded picture of your health and wellness. If you're looking for emotional and behavioral health therapists in Colorado, our talents Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners can provide the support you're looking for.

In addition, we take a collaborative approach to our psychiatric treatment plans because we want you to have decision-making power for your mental wellness. Our team will always discuss the details of your treatments in-depth with you to get your thoughts and input and ensure that we’re on track for delivering the most optimal outcomes with minimal side effects. Through regular follow-up appointments, we’ll monitor the progress of your behavioral or emotional condition in Colorado and any underlying conditions contributing to it. Our team will adjust your psychiatric treatment plan as needed to improve its effectiveness and enhance your quality of life.

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Do you struggle to manage your emotions and your responses to specific situations? Does your child exhibit signs of symptoms of emotional disorders or behavioral conditions in school? In either case, our compassionate and experienced team of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners can help effectively manage your symptoms through personalized medication management services and adjunct psychotherapy.

If you or a loved one is struggling with mental health concerns, emotional conditions, or behavioral disorders, we’re here to help at Larson Mental Health. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our team and explore our custom emotional and behavioral mental health services in Denver, Fort Collins, Highlands Ranch, Boulder, and Colorado Springs.