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Keep These Guidlines in Mind for Treatments

Larson Mental Health’s Practice Policies

No Show/Late Cancel Policy

To ensure that everyone’s time is respected, we have a strict No Show/Late Cancel policy at our practice. If a patient reschedules or cancels with less than 24-hours notice, the appointment will be charged at the private pay rate. If a patient No Shows the appointment, the appointment will be charged at the private pay rate. We require a valid credit card be kept on file to hold all appointments, and we communicate to these policies to the patient so that everyone is aware that Late Cancel and No Show appointments will be charged to that credit card. Private pay rates are: $325 for a New Patient Evaluation; $230 for a 50-minute Follow Up; $160 for a 30-minute Follow Up.

Medication Management of Controlled Substances

We have a Controlled Substance Policy that all patients must agree to before beginning treatment at the practice. This is a document that will be signed by the patient as a part of the the New Patient Paperwork. The document states that all patients who are prescribed controlled substances will be required to attend regular follow-up appointments to continue their prescriptions, and may be required to have urine drug tests. Furthermore, the patient agrees that Benzodiazepine prescriptions (Xanax/alprazolam, Klonopin/clonazepam, etc.) will be limited and will not be continued for long durations. Additionally, our practice DOES NOT prescribe opioid pain killers/narcotics (Oxycodone, Vicodin, Percocet, etc.). We also DO NOT prescribe Suboxone.

Prescription Refills and Prior Authorizations

Because our providers are very busy seeing patients all day, we request 72 hours Notice for all Prescription Refills. It will likely take less than this amount of time for a provider to put in a patient’s prescription, however, affording a provider and our Medical Assistant that time to complete prescription requests allows for everyone’s expectations to be met.

Prior Authorizations can sometimes take up to 4 days to complete, as well. This is due to a combination of back-and-forth with insurance companies and pharmacies, as well as provider schedules.

Additionally, please be aware that as a general policy, Larson Mental Health does not send controlled substance prescriptions out of state. Because of this, we encourage patients to plan ahead regarding refills when going out of town.

Medication Dosage Changes/New Prescriptions

All dosage changes and prescriptions of new medications need to be done during a Follow Up appointment. These changes cannot be made over the phone or via email. If you are an existing patient and should you need a medication dosage or a prescription for a new medication, please schedule a Follow Up with your provider to discuss.

We thank you for respecting all of the above policies!